We all want, hope and believe that the hardware will function 24/7. But things are not always the way we want or hope. And when we talk about industrial systems that are very important for our company's functionality it is necessary to know you have whom to call so things will be back on the right track ASAP.

Our company offers both warranty and post warranty service for all the equipments sold as well as for equipments sold by other companies.

We also service computers, printers or any other type IT hardware.

For post warranty service you may choose between a service contract or "on the call" service.

Acquiring a service contract is by far the best alternative since based on it your equipment will be periodically checked-up, cleaned and adjusted. In this way you can have a preventive maintenance which reduces the TCO.

In the unwanted event of a malfunction if you have a service contract you'll get prioritary service (shorter repair time) ahead of the customers who didn't acquire a service contract.