Scanner 1100


CipherLab 1100 scanner is a CCD imager designed specifically to read fine barcodes in harsh environments. Equipped with a 3648 pixel imager CipherLab 1100 can scan barcodes with 3mil resolution and 30% PCS contrast. CipherLab 1100 can not only recognize multiple symbologies but it can also process the scanned data ("data editing" - the decoded string can be divided into several substrings by various criteria and can then be transmitted to computer in any desired order, adding to them a prefix and / or a suffix if needed).

CipherLab's 1100 outstanding reliability is backed by a 5 year warranty.



  • Built of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), withstands multiple 2-meter drops onto concrete
  • No moving parts for long-lasting service and low cost of ownership
  • Reads barcodes with density of 3 mil
  • Widely programmable, supports three sets of data editing, interface selection and symbology configuration.
  • Supports multiple languages for worldwide applications and includes ScanMaster software
  • Low power consumption

• Courier
• Logistics/Transport
• Production
• Retail
• Pharmacies

Datasheet for Cipherlab 1100