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   ARMOR ( is one of the largest TTR producer in the world and number one TTR producer in Europe. With more about 2000 employees and 15 subsidiaries worldwide, based on the activity of more than 40 engineers and researchers in R&D and 48 people in Q&A department, ARMOR produced and sold 1,000,000,000 sqm of TTR in 2014.

ARMOR is interested not only in maximizing its profits but focuses its entire activity on achieving a sustainable development. Therefore the company is interested in three main themes: social, economical and environmental. for instance in 2008 ARMOR was the first company to develope and introduce in its production flow the "SolFree" manufacturing process of TTR. This is a globally unique production process enabling Thermal Transfer rolls to be manufactured without the use of solvent: SolFreeĀ® - a concrete example of ARMOR's investment in innovation in support of sustainable development

The advantage of buying ARMOR ribbons resides in the fact that you are dealing with a company that controls the entire R&D, production, Q&A, marketing and sales chain. ARMOR develops and produces its own TTRs than slits them and sales and ships the final products. Therefore you, as an end-user, not only buy high quality products but also have access to a wide knowledge base in case you need support in developing a printing solution or you ran into trouble when printing. Also in case of quality problems traceability is fully implemented all along the production flow so you can easily identify the cause of the problem.

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